Rusko Interview

I recently had the opportunity to interview Rusko for Orlando Weekly, you can find that right here, and click a few share buttons if you’re in to that sort of thing. Here is the rough draft, minus a few questions he skipped over. I’m a little bummed that question 20 didn’t make it in the Weekly haha


Dubstep star Rusko has a new EP with Cypress Hill, a crazy haircut, and a gig in Orlando at House of Blues May 18th. We had the opportunity to interview him about the new album, his favorite production tools, weed, and everything else he is known for. This is how it went.

1‐ You played Orlando last year, do you like it here?

Love it! Any place with warm weather is okay with me!

2‐ I see you’re traveling with 12‐man tour bus and an 18‐wheeler. Are you 
hauling a recording setup as well?

I have my laptop and hard drive with me all throughout tour where I work on tunes

3‐ What software (DAW) are you using? 

I still use Acid Pro!

4- Do you travel with a big entourage?

I keep the traveling team pretty light – I like having room on the bus for me to relax after shows!

6‐ How different are the sets from one show to another? 

There might be a few different songs here and there. Sometimes I get sent a new exclusive that is just too good to not play!

6‐ How much do you work on the set before heading out on the road? 

Not much, I usually spend the whole first day of tour making my set.

7‐ I grabbed “Roll it Light it” from, killer selection! Are you anticipating more hip hoppers in the crowd this time? 

I would think so!

8‐ What other hip-hop acts do you like right now? Are you planning to work with any more in the future? 

There are a few emcees I like from the UK at the moment. I’m not entirely sure if I’ll do more hip-hop in the future but you never know!

9‐ Do you see dubstep with hip hop turning into the new, but way better, rap rock? 

I see it turning into an awesome fused genre.

10‐ I loved the $4.20 T-shirt sale you had on 4/20. You’re turning into one of today’s most appreciated stoners. Up there with guys like B.Real, Snoop, and Seth Rogen…. How do you feel about that? 

Hahaha I love it!

11‐Paper, Water or Vapor?

12‐ What’s the best stoner movie of all time?

Anything on the Discovery Channel.

13‐ You’re also known for how wild you get on stage. Would you be hologrammed like Tupac so future generations can see you go nuts?

Why not!?
14‐Have you ever elbowed anyone behind you?

No, but I’ve elbowed somebody in front of me :)
15‐ What is the biggest mistake young artists make?

Rushing things. Take your time bruv!

16‐Thoughts on twitter beefs, and would you like to start a new one today? 

Nah, I like to keep my beef rare.


17‐ What are the biggest differences you see between US crowds and the world?

Electronic music has only just gotten big in the states recently so I would say the tastes are different. Certain songs work here in the states that don’t work in the UK and vice versa.

18‐ Madonna at Ultra in 5 words?

Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha


19‐ You get to have one super power, what is it?

Be invisible.
20‐ Can you play Levels?

Haha doesn’t fit my set bruv.



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