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Hey AM Souldiers!!!

Sorry for the late response to my posting shenanigans… Just made the move to good ole’ Nash-Vegas, the home of…

Well, there’s quite a bit of stuff Nashville could be home of. Just pick your ‘fancy.’ It feels great to be in a new city, so with all of that nonsense set to the side, I would love to share some tunage.

here are some bassy jams from yours truly–


With the release of Retchid’s EP, Recall, I dropped a remix on the album for my homie-

you can (get that at Beatport)…


& a Brotown remix for the HULK & Sickorwell remix contest, included in this post.


Well, that’s all for now, I have some more stuff coming at ya ((and i PROMISE, it won’t take weeks!!!!)) from myself, and other artists, reviews, PARTIES, Yes, PARTIES!!!, events, and much more!!!! Stay chooned!!!!

Peace up & VIVA LA BASS-MUZIKK!!!!


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