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A couple weeks ago I shared a few tutorial videos from Dave Pensado, a Certified Pro Tools yoda. This time around I’m introducing you to Certified Ableton trainer, Vespers. If Ableton is your thing, look no further than Vespers; all of his videos are worth watching. Besides tutorials, Vespers provides tips on being a better engineer in general, and gives ways to finalize your music before releasing it to the public. You can find him answering questions in the comment section of his videos on youtube, and there must be some ice down there in hell, but other commenters actually help each other as well. Of course you get the typical engineer battles over who can hear what frequencies, and whose dog is more deaf from them, but there is plenty of dialogue that will answer most of your questions about Ableton Live. Join his networks to stay current and remember the name Vespers for all things LIVE.


Produce in 24 bit, CDs are DEAD!

Warping Secret

APC 40 Live Setup + Dubstep wobbles with electronic wind

Sub Bass pt 1 with Massive

Sub Bass pt 2 with Ableton Sampler

Vespers Bio:

Vespers is a beat-making robot that started creating music in the year 2502, then was sent back in time to show humans how to mangle audio using Ableton Live.He makes a unique fusion of heavily edited glitch hop beats and live instrumentation with sax and an Akai EWI4000S wind synth.His live shows push the envelope of what’s possible using Live’s looper technology, real time glitch effects, and controllerism with midi devices like the Akai APC40 and MPD32.

Resident on Pop + Lock Records, you can find his releases consistently charting in the Beatport top 100.Vespers teaches via HD video tutorials and e-books online through his website and Youtube channel.He also occasionally accepts small groups of advanced students into workshops and one on one coaching.Much of his education is focused on creating and performing glitched up electronic dance music.

An abundance of high quality music, Ableton tutorials, e-books, Live set templates and custom racks are available by joining his free mailing list

Glitch Hop Producer | Live Performer | Ableton Live Certified Trainer

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