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-Well, what’s happnin,’ world?! I just wanted to give a little ‘introspective’ to you guys about myself, some background noise and a few questions from some friends since you may read articles, reviews, random posts, or download some schnazzy tunes from us!

-In case you didn’t know, I go by DJ SUGA-FREE, or Shoog (or Sug, depends on how u spell i guess), Suga (and again, U could spell this Shooga.. =P), Suga-Free, Frizzle, Splenda, Equal, and whatever those other ‘wanna-be sugars’ are called. A little nonsense about that, I was first called ‘Suga-Free’ because I am a diabetic. So now you know where the name comes from. Bam!





Questions from friends- 

-Who is my favorite producer right now, and why? 

Man, there are a TON of producers that I am digging right now, but 1 that stands out the most would be Calvertron. His basslines are wicked he is dropping bangers, and bangers of originals and remixes.


-When did I get into EDM?

My 1st album was Prodigy, the one with “Breathe,” but after that it would probably be way back in the day, when I was reunited with an old friend, he had a flier for a party and of course, me being me, I went with. I saw DJ Trashy, Doc Roc, Magic City Junglists and Gigantor from Evol Intent, with some other local talent. I was really amazed in the outcome of everything really. Most of it was stuff I would hear about, being from a pretty country area of Alabama, about 15 miles north of Tuscaloosa. This was probably the exact moment of me really getting into the scene. My friend knew one of the DJ’s and Promoters for this show, and it really kicked off from there. Eventually started helping promote, and one day got behind the decks! (woot!)

djsugafree @ bassbrawlATL


-Where do I see my music and myself in 5 years?

I would like my music to improve, and discover new ways to new sounds, wave modulations and more crunchy bass. I would love to learn more about music itself, music theory and possibly pick up an instrument. After releases, I would love to expand a good fan base and tour. That’s the dream, right? I love what I do, so I would hope in 5 years or less I could pull off what needs to be done, while still having that fire to do what we all love.


-(From the guy that helped me learn the process of spinning records…) Why do you love male genitalia so much?

Well to answer that question…. No, I do not like male genitalia. I dig the vag.


-What would I like to see more of in today’s EDM scene?

More fans of EDM! Can’t ever get enough of those.

-What would I like to see less of in today’s EDM scene?

I would like to see less ‘bashing’ in today’s EDM scene. The ‘bashing’ of genres, per se. Some people only like breaks, some only trance. We all enjoy what we enjoy for a certain reason, it’s what makes us different. No point in saying “that sucks,” when we all make our genre of music for the same reasonings.

-Well, that’s a little about me, and some interview questions from friends. Hope you guys come back and check out some more of my posts that will include music downloads, reviews, write-ups, blogs, pictures, videos and much much more!!!  Fan my FanPage, stay tuned, and thank you for joining me!!




Post from DJ Suga-Free, Dubspecialist. 

“Peace, Love & BASS-MUSIC!”

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