Orlando Weekly Best of Orlando 2011


It’s that time of the year again…The Best of Orlando Poll from The Orlando Weekly is here!

AM Soul Studios sits in Orlando, and we would like to win a couple of awards. We need your votes :)

They have a few rules, most suits do.

  • You have to vote in at least 15 categories.
  • You can’t use the same answer in more than 5 categories.

There are more rules on the ballot, but those are the ones we are interested in. Podcast #9 is attached for your listening pleasure, push play & check out the sounds while you vote. We won’t ask much else from you for the rest of the year. Promise!


Just in case you have no idea of who to vote for…

Here are 15 categories, and some awesome suggestions.

1- Best Local Website – AM Soul Records

2- Best Reason To Live In Orlando- AM Soul Records

3- Best Local Blog- AM Soul Records

4- Best Local Radio Personality- Ed Luvables from FSEDM Our Way

5- Best Local Radio Station- Party95.com

6- Best Local Vinyl Records Store- Drop Shop

7- Best Local Writer- Ed Luvables

8- Best Tattoo/Piercing Parlor- Black Chapel

9- Best Whatever- FSEDM (Full Sail’s Electronic Dance Music Organization)

10- Best Club DJ- Brett Holland of Shiznit Recordings

11- Best Electronic Act- SWiY

12- Best Club Night- Hooked on Tronics, brought to you by Unified Movement

13- Best Bartender- Lisa G at Suite B

14- Best Health Food Store- Natures Market (Look for Ed, the man is a health genius!)

15- Best Place To Camp- Camp Unity

Vote for us, vote for our friends, and thanks for stopping by!

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  • http://www.plurh.com PLURH

    Thank you for including Camp Unity in your vote!
    That means a lot!

    Much Love::

  • Ed Luvables

    YW :)
    Camp Unity 2012!!

  • http://www.swiymusic.com SWiY

    Thank you for keeping SWiY in mind Ed!!


  • Ed Luvables

    No doubt. Good luck SWiY!!

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