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“Bristol-based Laurie ‘Appleblim’ Osborne has had a long history in the music biz. As a member of The Monsoon Bassoon, he even had a couple of NME “Singles of the Week” in the late ’90s. But after a member left the band, the group soon disbanded and Osborne was left to start over again from square one. Working in a record store and looking for inspiration anywhere he could find it, Osborne soon cottoned to the emerging sound of dubstep and, with Shackleton, began to craft strange tracks that seemed to reside at the edge of the genre. Brittle and metallic, they became celebrated alongside his Skull Disco labelmate’s equally as off-kilter efforts for their otherworldly characteristics.”


Genre- Dubstep? He plays all genres.

Label- Apple Pips, Skull Disco

Name of set- Appleblim — Apple Pips FABRICLIVE Promo Mix [Dubstep]


Great set. Very soulful and funky. The tracks he played used vocal samples well, and ran through several istruments. Zylophones, wood blocks, organs, video game sounds, lots of delays and reverb, spacey. I like. The tracks flowed together well and had a bouncy feeling the whole way through. Genres ranged from piano vocals, to Plastikman sounding techno. The last song  by Midland & Ramadanman – “Your Words Matter” was a great way to end. Very fun set, alive with feelings and good times. This one will get burned for road trips.





1.  Data – The Fall of Phaeton (Dub)
2.  False Prophet – Wake Up [Spatial remix] (TAKE Records)
3.  Gatekeeper – Atmosphere Processor (Dub)
4.  Arkist – Switch (Dub)
5.  Scuba – You Got Me (Hotflush)
6.  Wedge – Worry Dolls (If Symptoms Persist)
7.  Headhunter & Gatekeeper – Jellyfish (Transistor)
8.  Addison Groove – Footcrab (Swamp 81)
9.  Al Tourettes – She Shimmers (Apple Pips)
10.  Joe – Untitled #2 (Apple Pips)
11.  Greena – Actual Pain (Apple Pips)
12.  Hard House Banton & Roska – Warning (Dub)
13.  Atki2 & Dub Boy – Tigerflower (Idle Hands)
14.  Midland & Ramadanman – Your Words Matter (Aus)

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